Supporting Local Solutions

The future of impact.

We work to facilitate financial support and strategically promote people and grassroots organizations doing impactful work in their community.

Love Your City exists as a platform to enable people to connect, engage, and support the organizations in their community that they care about

The world of giving is changing.

We believe that connected neighbors help neighbors and transform communities. We are on a mission to engage individuals donors & volunteers with local grassroots organizations they care about. We are on a mission to:


organizations doing impactful work across your community and the people who serve them - including you.


people who want to help with people who know exactly how to do it. Your skills, donations, and talents can flow directly to what you care about.


sustainable and ongoing change for communities needing it the most through your support, efforts, and advocacy.

Conversations with change makers

Love Your City Podcast Ep. 1

Homeless garden project with Darrie Ganzhorn

Homeless Garden Project is an established nonprofit organization providing job training, transitional employment, and support services to individuals in Santa Cruz who are experiencing homelessness. Their dynamic employment training program is focused on stewardship, conservation, and regenerative agricultural principles, teaching skills that truly transform lives for those who wish to maintain a stable, productive place in society.

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