Love Your City Relational Commitment

As organizers of Love Your City, we don’t want to get too heavily into signed agreements or legal issues. We merely wish to pass on what God has given to us. The vision of Love Your City is not only to touch people with God's love, but also to unite the body of Christ.

That is why we want to ask that you commit to have agreement among at least three Christian pastors and leaders in your community (i.e. representing at least three churches) to pursue an event like this. We'd also like to confirm that you agree with the mission, vision, and value statements of Love Your City.

We suggest you first pursue this through your local ministerial of pastors and leaders, who might either feel led to organize the event at that level, or at least give their blessing to a group (hopefully representing a few churches) to plan the event. We provide a sample letter to a ministerial to help you gather a team together.

Please read through the Relational Commitment document (Word Doc or PDF) and if you’re in agreement, sign it, and fax it in at 604-864-9160.

Thank you!

Love Your City organizers
Abbotsford, BC

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