Frequently Asked Questions

What is Servant Evangelism?
Servant Evangelism is stepping out with acts of kindness to show God’s love in a practical way, doing such things as a free car wash, a coke giveaway, free lawn cutting or yard work, or free bathroom cleaning. Whenever possible, with the free gift or service, we give a kindness card saying something like, “We hope this small gift brings some light into your day. It’s a small way of saying God loves you— no strings attached.

What is a Kindness Explosion?

A Kindness Explosion happens when several churches (hundreds or thousands of people!) get together to show God’s love to the city together through servant evangelism projects. The idea is to saturate the city that day with God’s love!

What will the weekend look like? (how much time is involved?)

This is a sample event schedule, but you can work it to fit with your community:
Friday 7 p.m.
This will be a fun time to come together as churches, see who’s involved, worship and pray together, and remind ourselves why we’re doing this!
Saturday 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 (approx.)
Together as churches, blitzing the city with God’s love through the projects we’ve planned.
Saturday 7p.m.

We’ll gather in unity to worship through music (led by several community worship leaders) and through other creative arts.

Where can I get ideas for servant evangelism projects?

Go to the Love Your City resources page or check out

Who pays for the T-shirts and other costs?

We want to make the event do-able for anyone, and feel that if the church takes ownership of the costs, it allows people to jump on board without a financial barrier. Having said that, we hope that through Love Your City, people will feel challenged to give sacrificially towards reaching their neighbors with the good news. We have found that having most of the people involved wearing an LYC T-shirt has proven to be a very powerful part of the event, and it’s a great reminder to love the city long after the event is over.

Is Love Your City just for youth?

No, everyone can get involved. There are projects that suit families, like car washes or visiting seniors' homes. Encourage your seniors to be involved as well. Depending on the project, they can join in serving. They can also be a tremendous support through prayer and finances. And, of course, youth usually have quite a bit of energy for this type of event!