Our Values

Our Mission:
To love the people of our cities into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus said to love God with everything, and to love our neighbour. We want to draw people to Jesus through the unity of the city church, expressing its love for people through simple acts of kindness with no strings attached. And we also want to show our love for God through worship, service, and our love for one another.

Our Vision:

  • To promote unity among the churches as we work together toward a common task.
  • To touch as many unbelievers as possible through servant evangelism— redefining the church, breaking barriers, and building bridges.
  • To help establish ongoing servant evangelism in the local church.

Our Key Values:

  1. Love Your City is based on the generosity of God spilling out of our lives, and out of our churches into the lives of the people in our communities. The method we’re using is called “servant evangelism,” which is offering people free gifts or services to show God’s love in a practical way–no strings attached!
  2. Love Your City is based on the belief/assumption that church unity and cooperation is central in reaching our communities for Jesus. For this reason, we ask that this outreach be sponsored by several churches and denominations in the community, and not just one or two.
  3. Love Your City is based on the two commandments of Jesus—to love God with everything, and to love our neighbour. The Kindness Explosion expresses love to our neighbor, and the evening worship celebration expresses our love to God.
  4. Love Your City is based on the belief/assumption that experiencing the kindness of God is a key step in people moving towards repentance. For this reason, we do not want to attach other messages, tracts, or church distinctives beyond that for this event*. Having your church’s name, and contact info on the back of the kindness card can provide a helpful link for those wishing to take the next step.
  5. Love Your City expresses kindness to people by giving people goods or services for free. Why? To express to them the free love of the Father. For this reason, we do not receive donations from those we’ve served.
  6. Love Your City is based on the belief/assumption that showing love needs to cost us something. Therefore, we do not solicit money from people or businesses to offset our costs, or try to get goods or services for free. We say this, because often our first reaction is to see what we can get donated to us, so that our outreach won’t cost as much. It needs to cost us something! Having said that, businesses may donate some items or give them to us for a cheaper price, but with no expectation of advertising for them. We suggest you start from this point—that all costs for the outreaches be borne by the participating churches and/or members within those churches— and see what happens after that.
  7. Love Your City is done in the name of Jesus. We are doing this because of the kindness of God, expressed through his son, Jesus. Although we make the use of products and donations toward this purpose, we desire to make the name of Jesus famous, not advertise or build up corporations or local businesses. For this reason we want to avoid the type of underwriting that many businesses provide, if there is an expectation of exposure or promotion as a return benefit.

* We believe that God can and does use all sorts of methods for evangelism— i.e. street preaching, tracts, evangelistic crusades, etc.—but we also believe that a Love Your City event is a significant time for the city church to simply show the love of Christ, without any of the strings that people often expect to be attached to our message.