A Typical Love Your City Event

What is a kindness explosion?
Imagine someone driving down a street in your city on a Saturday morning and this happens: they receive a free Coke from Christians handing out free drinks at a couple of intersections; they get their car washed by other Christians conducting free car washes throughout the city; they get a free hotdog and coke downtown; and they see folks picking up garbage wearing the same white T-shirts with a big red heart on the back. All just to show God’s love – no strings attached. How would this affect their view of the church? Their view of God?

The idea behind Love Your City is to saturate a community with God’s love—expressed by many practical acts of kindness, to touch literally thousands of lives. We find that a Love Your City event can help break down barriers and build bridges, readying people's hearts to receive the good news. The fact many churches unite to do this together can also speak powerfully into people’s lives.

Sample Schedule
Kick-off —Friday evening
Participating churches come together for a time of worship and prayer.

Kindness Explosion—Saturday, around 10:30am to 12:30
Participating churches perform acts of kindness all over the city.

Worship Celebration—Saturday evening

Participating churches come together to thank God for his work and to celebrate together.

Ingredients of Love Your City


Though the focus of this event is servant evangelism and worship, prayer needs to be at the heart of it from the beginning.

Things to pray for:

  1. Is Love Your City something that should take place in your city?
    While we think everyone should be doing a Love Your City event, it obviously needs to be God’s idea first. Pray for His green light before you do anything.
  2. Is corporate prayer happening among churches in your city?
    If it is, great! Bring this idea to your prayer group for confirmation of whether the time is right or not. If corporate prayer isn’t happening, it may need to happen first. Love Your City is meant to bring churches together to serve: you should rally other leaders before your start planning.
  3. Is God calling you to lead Love Your City?
    You may be the person to head things up, or there may be someone else in your community that God has prepared to lead. It’s important to walk humbly in this, but with confidence, if you’ve been affirmed to take the lead. Pray that God gives confirmation to the one He’s chosen, and to the team He’s raising up to make it happen.


Worshipping together is always good: but we've seen that it is even more powerful when we serve together and gather to thank God for His powerful works.


In the case of a Love Your City event, it is groups of Christians from many churches meeting together on a Saturday morning to show God's love.

When someone asks us, “Why are you doing this?” our response is, “We just want to show you God’s love in a practical way.” That’s all it is— doing simple acts of kindness to show God’s love with no strings attached.
Along with the free gift or service, we hand out a business size card that says: “We hope this small gift brings some light into your day. It’s a simple way of saying that God loves you— no strings attached. Let us know if we can be of more assistance.” On the back of the card is the participating church’s name and contact info.
Find more great resources about servant evangelism at www.servantevangelism.com, and in our resources section.


Before we did our first Love Abbotsford event, God was already working among the pastors and churches of our city, drawing us together and showing the need to love, encourage, and support each other. Love Abbotsford is a tool that God is using to build greater unity in our city.

While we may not always know how acts of kindness have affected people in our city, we can taste and see that God's love is good, when we come together in unity to serve and worship.

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