A Step-by-Step Guide to Plan a LYC Event

Form a Team

  1. Pray
  2. Submit a Proposal to your Ministerial
     It is important to have the blessing of your ministerial for this event. In the fall, draft a proposal letter for your ministerial. Start with our sample letter if you need help.
  3. Connect with Love Your City
    Once there is agreement from your ministerial or a group of churches, complete the Relation Agreement form and connect with us. We’ll set you up with your own logo and a password to be able to download all of our resources.
  4. Form a planning team 
    Have several churches represented on your team. Start meeting in the fall or early in the New Year as frequently as is needed and practical.  

Sample timeline:

Fall to January Get the green light from your ministerial.
February Mail invitations to the churches in your community.
Late March Begin follow-up phone calls to all the churches: Find a point person from each church, and invite them to a leaders' gathering.
Early April Stage a free leaders' gathering.
Iinvite all pastors, leaders, and point people to a leaders' breakfast, where you can cast the vision and invite questions about the event. You can also show the Love Your City video that we provide to participating churches. Check out a sample schedule and handouts on the resources page.
Early May Invite all the participating churches’ point people to an evening meeting to make sure you are all on the same page. Check out a sample schedule and handouts on the resources page.
Early May Prepare posters, bulletin inserts, sign-up sheets, and banners to supply the churches.
June Run your Kindness Explosion.

Practical Considerations for Your Planning Team


Mobilize your prayer groups to pray for the event.

Church coordination

Find out which churches are on board. Interact with them, finding out what projects they’re doing and where (check out our sample church database). Make sure they have all the resources they need (kindness card info, posters, T-shirts, etc.)


Mail out an invitation or letter to your churches outlining what the event is about and how to get involved
Closer to the event, mail out posters, bulletin inserts, and sign-up sheets.
You can put together a creative video or use ours for churches to show to their people and invite them to participate. We also suggest that you produce a video on the day of the Kindness Explosion. Show it at your evening worship celebration for an enthusiastic response from participants.
Banners (a suggestion)
Create 6x3 foot banners with the Love Your City logo on it and “showing God’s love.” These are great for having in your church lobby leading up to the event. You can also use these banners on-site during the event ,and at the worship celebration venue.
Kindness Cards (a must!)
With every small gift or act of service we give out a Kindness Card. We don’t do this to market our churches, but to give people a place to connect, if they wish.

We’ve found that every participant wearing a Love Your City T-shirt sends a powerful message to our communities, because it displays church unity.
Have churches sign up their people with T-shirt sizes. (check out sample sign-up cards and lists) Provide the LYC logo to your T-shirt supplier so they can prepare the artwork ahead of time. The week before the event, when all your churches have completed sign up, confirm your order and provide your supplier with numbers. Make sure to order a few extras.

Event planning

Friday Evening Kick-off
On the Friday evening, hold a registration time, with stations for each church to hand out T-shirts to their people and confirm their numbers. Then gather for worship and prayer. Take the time to communicate the vision of why you're doing a Love Your City event. Give participants some easy sample phrases they can use to explain why they are doing acts of kindness:

  • “We’re just showing God’s love in a practical way.”
  • “God’s love is free, so we want to give you something for free too.”
  • “We just want to show that God loves you today.”

Saturday's Kindness Explosion
Have churches meet at their own venues for the actual Kindness Explosion, and encourage them to have a debrief time right after their projects are finished. This is a great time to hear the stories and reactions of people on both the receiving and the giving end.
Saturday Evening Worship Celebration
Plan a worship event for Saturday evening, led by worship leaders representing several churches. Play a range of songs and hymns. You may also want to include drama or dance and show a video of the acts of kindness that have been done that day. Include live testimonies, but make sure to have a person screen them before they get the microphone.


There are two types of costs: Project Costs and Event costs.

Project costs are the costs associated with the acts of kindness themselves: each church can plan their own servant evangelism project, set a budget, and cover their costs. Costs will vary, depending on the project. For example, a Coke giveaway is more expensive than a car wash. 

Event Costs are costs associated with organizing and promoting the event as a whole. Here is how you can cover these costs: Ask each church to pay $10 per person who is involved from their church. We suggest that the church pays, rather than individuals, but do what works for your community. Each person then gets a T-shirt, which might cost around $7, and the other $3 per person pays for the rest of the event costs, such as mailings, venue, sound system, etc. (check out sample budget).
To cover the T-shirts' costs, wait until after the event, and confirm how many people came from each church (from the T-shirt order, and Friday registration time). Then send each church an accurate bill.
You will also need money upfront, which you can raise through business/church donations or loan. The money can be paid back when you've collected from the churches after the event.

Project Ideas