Sample Promotional Materials

On this page, you can find the promotional materials that have been used for Love Abbotsford, BC. Take what's helpful, or design your own stuff, except for the logo, which we request you use as is. If you produce your own materials, consider using a professional or semi-professional graphic artist, to maintain the level of quality that our original designer has established.

 Certain files require a username and password in order to download. You can contact us to obtain your login information and a customized Love Your City logo with the name of your community.

Special thanks to our graphic artist, Stephen Bau, who has designed the Love Your City logo and materials.

New: T-shirts ordering
We have made arrangements with a company in Kelowna, BC, Canada who can handle your T-shirt needs, though you still have the option of using a local business, if you prefer. You'll need to provide your T-shirt supplier with your city logo that you will receive after you contact us.

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Bulletin Insert
Kindness Card
Heart Logo
Heart Logo (black)
Kindness Logo    
Sample Signup Cards
Sample Signup Lists
Word Doc
Breakfast - Schedule
Breakfast - Church Registration
Breakfast - FAQ
Breakfast - What's Next
Breakfast - Why are we doing this?
Point Person - Meeting
Point Person - Duties
Point Person - Servant Evangelism Tips
Point Person - Team Leader Checklist
Point Person - Why are we doing this?
Ministerial Proposal Letter
Follow-up Call Script
Excel Doc
Budget Expenses
Step-by-step guide