Servant Evangelism Resources

What is Servant Evangelism?

Servant Evangelism is doing simple acts of kindness to show God’s love with no strings attached. In the case of a Love Your City event, it is groups of Christians from many churches meeting together on a Saturday morning to do a free car wash, hand out free Cokes, pick up garbage, clean restrooms, give out free hotdogs, visit the sick at hospitals and seniors' homes, or any other activity that demonstrate kindness towards people in the community.

Along with the free gift or service, volunteers hand out a business-size card that says: “We hope this small gift brings some light into your day. It’s a simple way of saying that God loves you— no strings attached. Let us know if we can be of more assistance.” On the back of the card is the participating church’s name and contact information.

We have some practical ideas for servant evangelism projects here, but check out our friends at for a much more extensive list of projects and descriptions.

Here’s a list of project ideas:

Low risk:

  • Free carwash— people will think you’re raising money for something, but you’re not! No strings attached.
  • Hotdog giveaway—people love free food!
  • Garbage pickup
  • Prayer walking
  • Seniors' home – just visit and talk with someone who could be quite lonely .

Medium risk:

  • Coke giveaway – you can give up to 1000 cokes away in 1½ hours at a busy intersection.
  • Quarters in shopping carts—a small, but very practical act of kindness.
  • Party in the park—plan an outdoor party in a community with games, balloons, food, etc.

High risk:

  • Restroom cleaning—approach small businesses to clean their bathroom – talk about a mind-blower, but something Jesus would do, don’t you think?
  • Lightbulb giveaway—door-to-door.
  • Prayer—door-to-door.

For more ideas, check out

Servant Evangelism is a great opportunity for families to do something together. Saturday is often family day anyway, and what better way to spend time together, than to serve together! There are several projects that are great for kids—car wash, garbage pickup, and visiting a seniors' home among others.

Project Instructions (PDF Format)
Servant Evangelism tips (Word Doc)